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Proven System to Eliminate Bed Bugs


Proven System to Eliminate Bed Bugs

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ATC will deliver the most advanced pest control service available.  Your satisfaction is the utmost important goal of our service.  If at any time you are not 100% overjoyed with our service let us know.  We will make it right or you will receive a full refund of your last service investment.

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  • Bed Bug Insurance Available
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  • Non-Toxic Heat Treatment
  • Whole Structure Remidiation

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Why are so many people using ATC Pest Control to get ride of bed bugs?

  • Advanced Thermification Treatment
  • Independent K9 Inspection Available
  • Kills All Stages of a Bed Bug's Life Cycle
  • One Year Warranty
  • Bed Bug Insurance Available
  • 100% Family & Pet Safe

Effective Bed Bug Treatment Solutions

Thermification is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs by heating up the location to lethal temperatures while drastically reducing the humidity. This treatment is very desirable as a “green” or non-chemical alternative. Heating units, special dehumidifier, and multiple fans are brought into your home to raise the temperature to between 120 and 140 degrees and lower the humidity below 20%. The maximum heat is then maintained for several hours with computerized temperature monitors to ensure evenly disbursed lethal temperatures throughout the area. All people, pets, candles, alcohol, aerosols, medications, fireworks, some plastics, firearms, and ammunition must be removed from premises. Electronics may remain. ATC is the only company that is authorized to perform this advanced treatment which differs drastically from just thermal remediation treatments alone.

Why Heat?

Heat is effective to control bed bug infestations and stored product pests. All insects have sub-optimum, optimum and lethal temperature thresholds for growth, survival, multiplication, and mortality. Insects have lethal temperature limits, generally greater than 120°F at which all stages of the life cycle are killed. Targeted temperatures are in the range of lethal temperatures required to completely eradicate the target insect populations. Adding the advanced dehumidifiers allows the thermal death rates to fall by 30%. This process will allow the death of bed bugs and eggs much faster and deeper into the walls and other hiding places then thermal alone.
Heat kills by dehydration or drying out the insects. At low relative humidity, less moisture is available to insects and they desiccate at a higher rate due to ‘dry heat’. The lower the humidity of the heated space the quicker the space becomes lethal to the targeted insect. Let Advanced Termite Control (ATC) use Thermification in Maryland and Thermification in Pennsylvania to rid bed bugs from your home!

Signs of an Infestation

Don’t Throw Out Your Furniture.  We Can Kill Bed Bugs and Save Your Belongings!

Bed Bugs on Mattress

Live bed bugs & fecal matter on a mattress.

Bed Bugs Traveling

Commonly found along the seams of furniture.

Molted Bed Bug Casings (skin)

The shed skin showing intact legs & abdomen.

Bed Bug Bites

Severe allergic reaction.

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Okay, so how does all this work?

Easy as 1, 2, 3!
3 Easy Steps for Bug Removal

Expert Inspection

If you believe that you have found bed bugs in your home then it is important to have an inspection completed as soon as possible so that we can identify where they are and if they have spread to any other areas of your home.

3 Easy Steps for Bug Removal


We will email a simple preparation checklist to you that will explain how to prepare your home for expert bed bug exterminator treatment.

We help you every step of the way!

3 Easy Steps for Bug Removal

Expert Treatment

We use only the best products to treat your home. All of our products are EPA approved. Our Integrated Pest Management approach helps to ensure that the bed bugs are eliminated. We stand behind our treatments by warranting our work.

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